Supreme 21ss Milan Tee


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Regarding this fabric, it is woven into an old-fashioned loom with 16.7 counts consistent with zp. It is made of 18 combed cotton fabrics. The smaller the count, the rougher the fabric will feel. Combed cotton is the highest standard for fabric smoothness. The advantage of the old-fashioned loom is that the fabric woven is relatively smooth, and the texture is relatively good. Supreme 21ss Milan Tee are basically all made of cylindrical fabrics because they are fabrics. It is a cylinder process, so the bust of each size is fixed. When weaving the fabric, throw away the washing and shrinkage rate. The width of the bust is guaranteed to be consistent with zp. Therefore, the old version must be measured by each size of each size. Version, custom-made lead, because the year, style and season are different, so the text details on the label are also different. The three-standard customization is the same as zp, and the old standard is not used. The non-market Supreme 21ss Milan Tee version is comparable. The printing is still thermosetting ink.


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